2022 Furniture Trends Your Customers Will Love

2022 Furniture Trends

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What are the 2022 furniture trends you need to consider as you prepare to stock your store? Read this guide and learn what your customers will love.

From the mid-century modern craze to everything boucle, furniture trends are always coming and going.

And if you’re a furniture stockist, you know how important trends are in the business. They are what draw the customers in and shoot up sales.

 If you’re planning to stock your store or increase your inventory, you may be wondering what items to stock. After all, you want your investment to pay off quickly rather than collecting dust on the floor.

Well, you’re in the right place to find out, as below, we share the top 2022 furniture trends. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive right in!

Curved Lines and Silhouettes

You might have already seen this trend on the rise. Furniture with soft lines and curved forms will be very popular this year.

Most major manufacturers have included some kind of curved lines in their collections. This could be in the form of wingback chairs and sofas or sleek bed frames and curving coffee tables.

When deciding on which curved pieces to stock up on, opt for items with arcs, curves, and other small details. Soft material, ribbed fabrics, and more show off an attention to detail that will have customers excited to buy their pieces. By combining texture, form and overall look, you have a winner when it comes to trending furniture items!

Shades of Brown

One of the hottest furniture color trends is anything brown. Caramel browns, beiges, chocolatey tones… they’re all in. 

The comeback of brown is a nod to the ’70s when the color was trendy. But today, manufacturer’s have modernized the color by opting for warmer, richer tones. 

Brown is also a great option that looks good styled with other furniture pieces. Thus, it is an excellent way to upsell additional items as well.

You may be wondering how you can do this. When displaying your sale items, be sure to pair a brown rug with a cream-colored sofa or an orange throw. Brown perfectly compliments most warm-toned colors.

In addition, customers are more likely to buy items that are styled well on the floor, so brown is the perfect way to show off many items simultaneously. 

Long Ceiling Lights

Is there anything more stylish than well-designed light fixtures? We’d argue not!

You may have seen the extra-long ceiling lights trending all over Instagram. Essentially, fixtures that look like floor lamps are suspended from the ceiling for a dramatic and editorial look.

The height of these can be adjusted according to preference, so they will be ideal for customers with kids. 

In addition, these kinds of ceiling lights add an effortlessly chic and industrial look to every space. They will be super popular with the customers, so don’t miss out on this trend!

If you want to add another trending element to this furniture item, try to combine it with exposed lightbulbs. These are trending right now and pair well with the industrial effect of the long ceiling lights. Edison bulbs, in particular, are ‘in’ so be sure to add those to your light fixtures for the ultimate trending effect. 

Statement Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those evergreen furniture items that have always been trendy. But they have come back in a big way and are one of the hottest furniture trends 2022!

Instead of treating mirrors like functional objects, we’d urge you to look at them as statement furniture pieces. 

When deciding which ones to stock up in your store, pay extra attention to the form and material. If possible, opt for ones that have a standout detail to them.

For example, right now, curved mirrors are super in. Mirrors of this sort typically have curved edges with frames to match. They can also come frameless and can be hung up on the wall.

Or else, you could look at the mirror frame’s materiality as a statement piece. For example, a mirror frame made with woven straw can give off a boho-chic look.

Or else, you could opt for a furry frame made of boucle material or one with lit-up plastic with lights in the back.

All these options are trendy furniture pieces right now that are sure to pack a punch. More importantly, they stand out amongst the other kinds of mirrors available, thus, demand is sure to be high.

Textured Pieces

Let’s face it. Texture is in.

If you look at the top 2022 furniture trends, you’ll see that almost all the items have textured materials of some sort.

For example, the boho mirrors have straw. A lot of curved furniture is covered in boucle, which is a textured textile. 

This indicates that customers are looking for visually and texturally pleasing items. That’s why furniture that is covered in comfy, nubby materials is trending right now.

People are spending a lot more time at home than they used to, and prioritizing comfort as much as possible. Textured fabric is also incredibly visually appealing and allows minimal furniture elements to have a certain intrigue to them.

Matte Metals

If you’ve recently walked into any hardware store, you’ll know that matte metals are the new ‘it’ trend of 2022.

The style is associated with the barnhouse chic aesthetic and lends itself beautifully to various spaces. It also lends warmer homes an edgy, industrial feeling, which offers a nice contrast.

The most popular metals for this style are stainless steel, nickel, and pewter. This is because these metals have less shine to them, so they will give off that nice matte finish.

When you’re looking for matte metals to incorporate into your catalog, look for items that have metals in small details. For example, a sofa leg or the back of a chair.

Then, look for manufacturers that do this same furniture in the matte metal finish. This will ensure that you’re finding ways to incorporate the most trending items in various ways.

Venetian Plaster and Limewash

Let’s take it back in history by incorporating plaster in furniture again! While plaster finishes have been around for the longest time, they have rarely been used in furniture. 

However, over the years, plaster has made a slow but steady comeback both in interior design and furniture design. As designers attempt to replicate the baroque and other periods of history, plaster has become an essential part of furniture.

When stocking up, look for furniture items that provide that textural element to the pieces. The overall effect should have an old-fashioned, textural look that invites the customer in.

You can find this in coffee table surfaces, wall textures, and decor elements like placemats and vases.


Yes, leather screams the ’80s, but it’s back in style! 

Leather furniture has been a staple for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. The leather material is sturdy and lasts for decades. In addition, the more worn-out leather gets, the better it looks.

Thus, it is definitely a material that stands the test of time. 

However, leather in 2022 is very different from leather in the ’80s. While darker, black leathers were favored in earlier decades, today it is a totally different situation.

Today’s trend dictates leather to be in rich, earthy tones. This brings us back to brown being a trendy color because brown leather is booming in popularity.

Brown and warmer toned leathers also work well with matte metals, another trending furniture element. Thus, combine the two, and you have a money-maker!

You could opt for tufted sofas, which are really in, or statement chairs like the butterfly chair. These are great options to stock your store because they will always be popular!

Canopy Beds

Associate canopy beds with your parent’s style? Well, it’s time to view this trend as the icon it is, as canopy beds have become insanely popular!

A big reason for that is that most people spend more time at home. Thus, they are looking for beautiful but straightforward pieces to elevate their space. Canopy beds provide this opportunity, as they are elegant yet functional.

In addition, canopy beds help separate a space, which can come in very handy for those that live in a smaller area.

For the perfect mix of modern and traditional, opt for lighter-toned canopies when making your stocking decision. These elevate the look more than heavily patterned or dark materials, creating a space that looks dull. 


This is a totally unexpected entry on this list, but mushrooms have become a universal favorite!

The great thing about the mushroom trend is that it can be incorporated in so many different ways. There are options for every kind of mushroom lover out there, from mushroom lamps and wallpaper patterns to mushroom stools and tables.

In addition, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to picking the right mushroom for your store. Have a couple of colorful, bright, and cartoon-like mushroom items handy for the younger crowd. For the more seasoned interior designers, pt for mushroom furniture that comes in earthy tones and neutrals. 

You’ll also be able to find lots of mushroom options in the wholesale furniture category, which is a big draw. You will thus see higher profit margins with this trend as well.

Bold Patterns

Maximalism is back with a vengeance.

Bold patterns and colors are eye-catching and beautiful. In addition, they offer customers a way to show off their style and personality in a unique way.

When looking for patterned furniture items, stay far away from geometric prints. Those are now considered dated and not modern.

Instead, opt for more eccentric themed patterns such as bird or plant motifs. If the designs are rich in color and texture, then all the better!

The key to successfully selling bold patterned furniture is to style it correctly. Ensure you’re not clashing too many patterns simultaneously and are instead pairing them tastefully.

For example, use neutrals like browns, greys, and whites to contrast the patterned item. This will make it pop even more and stand out in the eyes of the consumer. 


Consumers have begun to place emphasis on sustainability, probably more than ever before. People are more conscious of the materials used in furniture and where they are sourced from.

Thus, when you’re stocking furniture, be sure to research if it was sustainably made. You should also include this in your product description.

For example, perhaps the item has a reduced carbon footprint or is made from recycled or scrap materials. There are also lots of innovative new materials gathering buzz in the furniture design world. These will be a major draw for all kinds of customers. 

By letting customers know that they are supporting a business that tries to be as sustainable as possible, you offer them an ethical choice. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect wholesale manufacturer for sustainable items. Be sure to do lots of research before settling on a manufacturer that offers some sustainable options!

In addition, you’re also doing your part for the environment! 

Which 2022 Furniture Trends Are You Going to Stock up On?

There are so many furniture options out there that will suit every kind of customer. From different trending colors to curved and structured pieces, your store will be full of the hottest 2022 furniture trends!

This will have the customers lining up and keep coming back for more.

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