5 Benefits of Having a Bar Stool

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How do you use your bar stools? Only use them as seats in the kitchen?

If the answer is yes, you are far from discovering its usage and benefits. Come with us to dip into it to see more benefits of bar stools.

Now, let’s see what kind of bar stools are available in the market and how they benefit our life.

Fits everyone

As mentioned above, we can see whether you want a bar chair with backs or armrests or neither; they can meet your needs.

And if you are confused about choosing a bar height stool and a counter height bar stool. An adjustable bar stool will solve this problem.

While other bar stools are made with fixed height, an adjustable bar stool will be flexible. Whether you are tall people, short people, or even children, you can adjust the stool height to ensure you can sit on it comfortably.

Fits everywhere

We mainly use stools as bar stools or counter stools, but now, the bar stools are designed in much more stylish ways; we can also use them as an extra seat to decor our living room or as an additional dining chair when friends drop in, and we have no enough dining chairs. Besides, an adjustable bar stool can also be used as a work chair to match your workbench.

It can fit almost anywhere in your home.

Better watch seat

Believe that most of you enjoy drinking alcohol while watching games, especially in bars.

But what if you could not get out and stay home during the game day?

If so, take your bar stool, a piece of symbolic bar furniture, pretending that you are enjoying the ball game like in the bar. Cheering, hailing, or jumping out from the seat, you are free to express your great joy with a bar stool.

Our only suggestion is that backless bar stools or swivel bar stools might be better.

Ease the back pain

Sitting posture affects your health

Generally speaking, a good sitting posture is to sit on a chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor. In this way, a backless chair might be better. But it is hard to keep our back straight all the time, especially when we sit at the counter height bar stool for a long while; then it might be easier to turn to a hunching posture, which is harmful to our health.

So, we recommend you pick a bar stool with back.

Kinds of bar stool that are good for your back

On the market, we could find bar stools with back generally like below:

Bar stools with low back

We have noticed a counter stool with back like the one below, and to be honest, we do not recommend this kind, for the back is so low that it could not provide real support to your lumbar, and in contrast, it can cause leaning over easier.

Bar stools with low back

Bar stool with mid-back

This bar stool can support your lumbar to some degree and help you to sit straight, and if you already have back pain, you can also choose to put a pillow cushion behind your back.

Bar stool with mid-back

Bar stool with high back

This bar stool can fully support your lumbar and back, preventing you from hunching.

BTW, if the seat back is high enough, you can also use it to relax your neck. Just sit straight with your back leaning against the stool back, and then head back gently; hold still for 3-5 minutes. This practice can help to relax your neck to some degree.

And the reason we suggest picking a back stool with its back high enough is that, firstly, with a high back, it’s not easier to lean over. Secondly, sometimes the seat back can support your head so that you will not feel faint if it is your first try or stay in that posture for a longer time.

Bar stool with high back

Staying Fit with Bar Stools

We all know that exercises are essential to our health. But, sometimes, you may be too busy to go to the gym. 

Here, with bar stools, you can easily turn your home into a small gym. Boys can do bar stool dips or bar stool push-up, and girls can also use them to build a booty. Of course, we can do many other kinds of sports with them.

Just remember to find bar stools that are strong, sturdy, nonadjustable, and non-portable.


Many people may hesitate to buy bar stools or only use them as kitchen bar stools. We hope this post can provide more information about the benefits of using a bar stool at home.

If you have other ideas or questions, feel free to “CONTACT US”.