6 Reasons Why You Need a Reliable Wholesale Furniture Supplier

wholesale furniture supplier

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I’ve heard a lot from our clients all over the world that it’s not easy to find a reliable wholesale furniture supplier, sometimes you may hit some unexpected traps or step on a pit during the whole process. For anyone who really wants to find a furniture supplier, it’s necessary to read this post before you move on, as a true wholesale furniture supplier with over 15 years manufacturing experience, we’ll provide something you may not know to help you avoid the risks.

So, why you need a reliable wholesale furniture supplier?

They Can Help Lower The Product Cost

Generally, when we say product cost, we mean product price. In fact, I don’t think there is any product or service that is “cheap and cheerful”. It is difficult for a normal supplier to reduce product costs by just lowering prices. Therefore, if your supplier easily accepts your price reduction request, you need to be cautious.

Today, everything is transparent in the market, fixed costs are no longer a secret, and what suppliers can do is to constantly improve and make breakthroughs in technology and management. Therefore, a reliable supplier may not reduce product prices, but reduce product costs.

They Can Help Lower The Time Cost

I guess you’ve already known about it, yet there’s something more valuable than money. Yes, it’s TIME. A reliable wholesale furniture supplier does not just mean “The best price with the best quality”, to be honest, I don’t buy it. A reliable supplier should also save time for you, so you don’t need to spend time to argue about the quality, to push the lead time or to argue about why they forgot to stick on the labels AGAIN etc.photo 1501139

It’s totally waste of time! You shouldn’t have spent your valuable time on above mess, but to enjoy with your lover, kinds or friends. In other words, a reliable supplier would not occupy your time or bring any unexpected trouble, they will save it for you and your family. After all, time is money, my friend!

They Can Help Lower The Communication Cost

Besides, there’s something more. Does the way you communicate with your supplier impact your business? It surely does. Survey after survey, the results are the same. People want clear communication. It was reported in one survey that 84% of the respondents were more likely to trust a company that uses jargon-free language in its communications. In another words, understanding what is being communicated is a human right.

Clear communication is efficient and effective. Think about how many emails lack logic and clarity, how many proposals don’t sell the idea and how many reports are disorganized and difficult to read. These situations are common in workplaces around the world, and they are creating lots of wasted time and money. However, a reliable supplier is able to decrease this waste.

They Can Help Lower The Quality Risk

Quality risk is the potential for losses due to quality that fails to meet your quality goals. Quality defines the value of your products and services and can include a wide range of factors. Sometimes small changes make a big difference. That’s the point! A lot of “smart” suppliers have some tricky moves, such as cutting corners, modifying the design without authorization, lowering the standard of packaging materials and so on.

All these behaviors seem to them irrelevant. After you receive the goods, you may not even be able to find these problems, and when the product reaches your customers, all the problems will be exposed, causing irreversible damage to your company and reputation.

They Can Help Lower The Delivery Risk

Currently, it’s rare for suppliers to not deliver goods after paying the deposit, but it’s normal to repeatedly postpone the delivery. I have seen a supplier finally delayed the delivery for half a year due to various reasons. You can imagine how much trouble this kind of behavior will bring you, and sometimes it may even be a disaster. In some special industries, delivery time may be more sensitive than quality, thus a reliable supplier is a must.

They Can Help Lower The Credit Risk

Well, this is a relatively broad question. The so-called credit is probably another definition of “Reliable”, covering all aspects including payment, quality, technology, packaging, and transportation. Some suppliers can always solve every problem perfectly, while more suppliers always create all kinds of problems in unexpected ways. Frequent problems will bring a credit crisis to your relationship, you will involuntarily lose patience and subjectively doubt what your supplier is doing, vice versa.photo 1605512930496 4dd6e7e82978

Finally, you shall ask “how could I find a reliable furniture supplier then?”

Jiahe Group was established in 2015, is specializing in manufacturing different kinds of furniture and hardware, covering wide range of portfolio such as indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, construction material and safety&protection hardware etc. Besides, in order to control the production cost, we have invested THREE production facilities over the country, respectively located in Zhongshan, Xi’an and Tianjin. There are over 500 employees serving in above facilities. Our HQ company in Zhongshan covers 33,000 square meters, has standardized production plants, warehouse, office building, dormitory building, etc. Now we have nearly 300 employees, including experienced 10 engineers as R&D person and we strictly implement the requirements of ISO9001.

Our products already exported to Europe, North America, South America, South-East Asia, Mid-East and other areas and countries. Through an outstanding efforts in the recent years, we have started to exploit the online channel as well, up to present we have built strong relationship with some world-famous E-commerce distributors and platforms such as AMAZON, WAYFAIR, OVERSTOCK etc. The company never stop for technology creation, concentrated high efficient, mutual benefits, and providing the high standard services to all of our clients.

In addition, in domestic market, we have years of experience in working with some TOP listed companies, like COUNTRY GARDEN, AGILE GROUP, LOGAN ESTATE, SINO-OCEAN GROUP. 

Our company has transformed itself into a genuine manufacturer. For the past years, JIAHE has grown to be a leader in China’s furnishing industry. And we’re looking forward to the next milestone.

As a wholesale furniture supplier for over 15 years, JIAHE GROUP might be the one you are looking for, we provide full range of furniture categories, please visit our web at www.jiaheasia.com to find more information about the company and products.

I’ll talk about “How to find a reliable furniture supplier?” in next post.