8 Big Benefits of Buying Wholesale Furniture

wholesale furniture

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Buying wholesale furniture can save you time and money. We explain 8 big benefits to consider along with tips for choosing the right wholesaler in this guide.

Did you know that the wholesale market for furniture in the U.S. is constantly growing at a rate of 0.1% annually? This is a significant growth given the effects of the pandemic on the economy. 

Furniture is a primary source of aesthetics for any home or office. Today, modern and stylish furniture stores sell office and residential furnishings for businesses and homeowners. This means that more B2B businesses are also looking to purchase furniture for resale.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to purchase furniture in bulk. That’s because some wholesale furniture stores may not offer antique furniture pieces. But, there are many benefits of buying wholesale furniture. Some of these benefits include:

Access to a Variety of Furniture

When purchasing furniture, you should ensure that what you choose fits the overall design and décor of the room. For example, a bank has a specific theme that’s different from a restaurant. Likewise, you can’t place outdoor furniture in the living area or bedroom.

Hence, you must consider the theme of the room when considering the type of furniture you want. Different clients have different needs. Some may need abstract furnishings, while others go for modern styles. 

Unfortunately, a retail store can’t meet the needs of all these clients. Most retail stores only stock up on items that are most on demand. 

Have you ever visited a wholesale furniture store? Almost all wholesale furniture stores across the country are filled with various furniture for retailers to choose from. Likewise, a furniture Supplier will offer you different types of furniture pieces that will fit the tastes and preferences of different buyers.

You probably want a mixture of stylish, contemporary, and modern furniture pieces to satisfy the tastes of different groups of people who shop at your store. No matter what you’re looking for, the best place to find the right furniture pieces for your clients is to buy from a wholesale store.

High-Quality Furniture Pieces

The quality of furniture in your store is a great consideration. Likewise, most of your clients will likely spend more money to purchase high-quality furniture. Before buying anything, it’s a severe mistake not to check its quality.

A wholesale furniture supplier will provide you with every type and design you require for your store. You can purchase various furniture pieces at a wholesale store, including different designs of coffee tables, living room furniture, dining area sets: bedroom furniture, end tables, desks, and chairs.

Instead of shopping from several different stores looking for something that will attract your customers, it’s best to find a wholesale store to shop from. Wholesale furniture stores offer their clients access to high-quality furniture to fit any room in a house.

A wholesaler is bound to ensure that the products they sell to their customers are attractive, sound, and valuable. That’s why they follow the factory audit policy to ensure quality. 

An audit policy means that whenever the wholesale furniture store gets an order, they will inspect everything from creating the furniture to shipping and delivery.

The wholesale store will inspect each piece of furniture individually to ensure that it’s not broken or damaged in the process. If they find that something is wrong with one piece of furniture, they will return it to the furniture factory.

Lower Price and Great Discounts

Most wholesale furniture stores offer their clients great discounts. This is one of the benefits of wholesalers you won’t find at a regular furniture store. In most cases, the furniture wholesalers will purchase their furniture from manufacturers at a lower rate, then sell it to retailers at a discounted rate.

This means you can find a great price when buying furniture directly from a furniture manufacturer. Check out different furniture wholesalers in your area to get a good deal on various furniture pieces.

Purchasing in Bulk

Buying your furniture from wholesale stores is great because of the ability to purchase in bulk orders. This means that you can complete your shopping for different dining room or bedroom furniture sets in just one order. It also gives you the ability to shop in just a day, saving you the precious time you would otherwise spend working at your store.

Another great possibility of shopping in wholesale furniture stores is the ability to place your bulk order over the phone. This is a great option for people who want to shop from the comfort of their offices or homes. These are some of the greatest benefits you can get from a wholesale furniture store that you wouldn’t get from a retail furniture store.

Reduced Prices

When shopping for furniture, it’s essential to get the best value for your money. All retail furniture stores often markup their prices to make a profit. This means that you may spend up to 50% more when shopping in a retail store than you would in a wholesale store.

The extra 50% you pay when shopping at a retail store is considered commission or profits. Remember that you will also need to mark up your price to profit. Therefore, it’s best to cut the middleman and ship directly from a wholesale store.

This helps you avoid overcharging your customers, resulting in losing trust and loyalty. The last thing you want as a brand is to lose your customers.

Quick and Hassle-Free Shipping

Very few retail furniture stores offer their clients shipping facilities. This means that you should arrange for the transportation of your furniture once you purchase it. And even in the few stores that offer to ship, you must pay a shipping fee, which can be hefty.

The cost of shipping bulky and many pieces of furniture can be even more costly, depending on the size of the load and the final destination. Likewise, the transportation cost will also cost you a fortune.

Handling your own shipping when shopping in bulk may lead to unnecessary hassle and stress. The only way to avoid the stress of shipping is to purchase from a wholesale furniture store. You can negotiate with their representative, and they will ensure to ship your furniture to your store.

Wholesale stores ensure that the furniture pieces are well packed and marked to avoid damage during the shipping process. This is an advantageous option because the wholesaler is familiar with moving agencies and packers handling your order. Sometimes, the shipping might even be done the same day you order the furniture.

Quick Access to the Furniture You Need

You wouldn’t expect to purchase 100 pendant lights of coffee tables from a retail furniture store. They will probably ask you to wait for a few days or weeks as they fulfill your order or buy it from a wholesaler. They could also request the furniture pieces from the manufacturer to fulfill your order.

This can be quite frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you need the order quickly. The only way to get quick access to the products you need is to purchase directly from the wholesale store. Furniture wholesalers have a large stock of all types of furniture ready for buyers.

Another great advantage of buying directly from a wholesale furniture store is that they are likely to deliver your items within a reasonable amount of time. This means that you won’t keep your customers waiting and will get the goods at a great price. What better way to attract and retain more customers than take advantage of the benefits of shopping from a manufacturer?

Compete with Larger Businesses

Buying from a furniture wholesaler gives you the advantage to compete with larger companies in your industry. This is especially true for start-ups and small furniture stores. If you’re just starting your business, you will likely have a smaller budget for buying your merchandise.

But when you purchase your furniture pieces from a furniture wholesale store, you will realize that it’s much easier to compete with larger companies. That’s because you will be getting the furniture at a lower price and you will offer your clients a discount when they buy from you. However, you should carefully choose your products based on your target consumers.

Moreover, even when buying wholesale furniture for resale, your company will have the capability to be more agile when acquiring different styles and types of furniture. That’s because you can ignore the trends and cater to a group of customers that larger companies aren’t.

Additionally, you can acquire different types of furniture that larger organizations are no longer selling. This way, you can sell items that are no longer readily available in the market, giving you a greater chance of personalizing your services.

Are You Ready to Shop From a Wholesale Furniture Store?

As seen above, there are many benefits of shopping from a wholesale furniture store. Not only will you have access to discounted rates, but you can also enjoy hassle-free shipping and compete with larger businesses in the furniture industry.

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