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A furniture inspection is extremely important prior dispatch to the clients as it can greatly help you in clearing out issues at an early stage and help you save cost and time. Here are a few benefits of having a professional furniture quality inspection:

Save cost and time by finding out any issues in dimensions/specifications of the furniture.
Avoid any regulatory violations by delivering high-quality furniture that fulfills the regulatory requirements.
Maintain a good brand image by reducing the rejected products due to defects/flaws in the final design.
Save costs on re-works and product call-backs by delivering flawless furniture.
Avoid any damages to the furniture during packaging and loading.

When it comes to quality, JIAHE’s buying team shops all over the world to source the best materials at best in class pricing. Whether it’s our leather from Italian tanneries, or going to Brazil for sustainably harvested solid wood, our team ensures that premium and eco-friendly materials are bought and constructed into every piece of furniture we sell.
We offer high-quality trends, styles, and fabrics, at the best industry prices allowing us to provide an incredible value to our customers without ever compromising the quality of our furniture.

We at JIAHE are manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments work in each and every phase and process, including the cutting, welding, polishing, inspection and packaging process – together they ensure the quality of the finished product.

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Quality control

The defects inspection checks the finish of the products and gives the detailed report on all possible defects, including the photo and the standard name of the defect. Want to know what the exact elements inspected by JIAHE are? Check out our main checklist of the finish defects.

What We Do

Our check points

Packaging check

General appearance

Bar code verification

Function check

Data measurement

On-site test

Carton drop test

Painting, coating, printing check

Safeguarding quality is a team effort

Producing quality furniture is a team effort requiring the joint support of the whole team. Our inspection technologies provide accurate data readings, and they are backed up by the sharp senses of our inspectors, allowing us to faithfully meet your specifications.
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