The Most Efficient Way to Choose a Bar Table

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At present, bar tables are increasingly gaining popularity not just for home use but for business purposes as well. Stylish and practical at the same time, bar tables allow for the creation of compact bar areas.

With various of bar tables to select from, choosing the right one can be a bit daunting. This is why we have prepared this guide, which will help you make the right choice.

What is the Correct Height for a Bar Table?

The height of a bar table determines how comfortable it is for the users. If bar stools will be used with it, then a counter height bar table is needed. For chairs, the standard table height is best.

The height of a counter-height table is somewhere between 34 and 36 inches, while a standard table is between 28 and 30 inches high. Some counter-height tables are even taller, with 40 to 42 inches.

Choose your seating prior to making a selection of a bar or pub table. You can also choose from various bar table sets currently available for purchase online.

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How To Pick the Right Size for a Bar Table?

The size of a bar table is undoubtedly an important aspect to consider when choosing the right furniture. A table that is too small won’t be able to accommodate enough guests. One that is too big may also be in the way within the room or make the room appear out of balance.

To pick the correct size, start by taking the exact measurements of the space where the table will be placed. Leave at least 18 inches on all the sides and allocate that space for seating. Block this off using tape. Expand outward until you have arrived to the maximum size in relation to your space.

What About the Shape for a Bar Table?

You would want to identify the shapes of the decorative items or accents in the room, so you can try to match or complement them accordingly.

Rectangular and square bar tables are quite common. For a small number of guests to large groups, they’re often great and accommodating.

For very tight spaces, a round table will be able to accommodate more seating.

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What is the Best Table Top Material?

Bar tabletop materials range from unique laminate to natural wood. In general, a dark wood finish is relatively easy to care for and clean. On top of that, it looks ideal in most spaces. A unit with a wooden top is also low-maintenance, plus it has a stylish and natural appeal.

Remember that the focal point of a design, as well as its material or finish, play a massive role in defining a product’s overall look. It is worth considering the intended use of the bar table when opting for a certain material. If you plan on serving food and drinks with the table, then it is a great idea to go with a design that has a wipe-clean surface e.g. molded ABS plastic.

A durable surface, ABS plastic can be turned into a wide variety of marvelous designs and funky shapes. It is also available in a broad spectrum of colors.

Laminates or veneers are commonly used as materials for bar tabletops as well. They are made from thin layers of wood. While interesting and beautiful, they have to be taken care of properly as they are more susceptible to chipping and damage. A laminate bar tabletop is usually less expensive.

For something that is quite different, a bar table with a faux leather top lends a modern twist to a traditional design. Marble and granite are also classic finishes.

A glass top is popular as well, and it is easy to clean, available in various styles, and waterproof. While clear glass is beautiful and minimalist, smoked, translucent, black, and opaque glass offer more contemporary alternatives.

What Are the Options for Bar Table Frame Finishes?

Wooden frames are suitable for most bar tables and in most spaces. They are also quick and easy to clean. Look for natural, light or dark wooden frames.

The effects of an actual frame finish are more subtle compared to those of the tabletop. Remember that the best way to select a frame finish is considering other items that are already or will be in the room. You may have already selected shiny chrome stools. If so, then you will need a matching chrome table.

If your kitchen has brushed steel appliances, a good choice would be a matte brushed table that has a similar finish. Both materials ensure stability and strength as they’re substantial in weight. To help minimize scratching to floors, include rubberized floor protectors.