How to Buy A Great Modern TV Stand in 2022?

Contemporary TV stand

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This is a buying guide of a modern TV stand.

Did you know that your 50-inch TV isn’t really 50-inch wide? Things get complicated when the world of electronics and home furniture clashes. Our Buyer’s Guide will help you sort the numbers so you can find the right TV stand for your flat panel, along with useful features and long-lasting quality.

The TV is often the focus of the living room, and what the TV is located in (or inside) is no different than any other piece of furniture. It tells a lot about you! The home entertainment center is far from the large wooden cabinets of the 1960s. The design has evolved as much as the television itself. So there are a lot of details to consider before you buy. .. If you’re looking for a new TV stand, you need to find the right size stand, the right design for your style, plenty of storage space, and the features you need.

modern tv stand

How to choose the right size TV stand?

Today’s flat-screen TVs aren’t as bulky as older CRT models, but it’s still important to measure what you need to know to get the best viewing experience. Manufacturers measure the width of the TV diagonally from corner to corner, regardless of the ring. That measurement may help, but it’s a good idea to use a tape measure and these helpful tips to find the size of your TV and the recommended width of your TV stand.

Measure the height and width of your TV to get accurate numbers. Some say that you can take the screen size diagonally, multiply it by 0.87, and then add TV frames to that amount. Even flat-screen TVs have depth.

Measure from front to back (including the base) to avoid possible overhangs when integrating the TV into the console. Measure the room. Understand the floor space available for entertainment furniture and the space and depth of the walls.

Don’t get too close! A comfortable viewing experience requires a distance between you and your TV. If you have a 29-inch TV, you need to sit 3-4 feet away from the screen. A 39-inch TV should be about 4-5 feet away from you. A 46-inch TV requires 5 to 6 feet of space. Anything larger than 46 inches should be 7 to 8 feet away from your seat.

For the most comfortable display, the lower half of the TV screen should be level with your line of sight and at least 12 inches below its size.

Now that you know the size of your TV, you can combine it with the right proportion of TV stands. As a rule of thumb, choose a stand that is at least 2 inches wider than the width of the screen. The following table shows examples of TV sizes and recommended TV stand widths.

industrial tv stand

Choose a modern TV stand style

With a wide variety of options, you will surely have an entertainment center that matches your current decoration or has a style you love so much that you are willing to design the interior of your home around it. You will find it. Since personal taste is everything, here are some examples of popular TV stand styles and their features.

Transition TV stand

Transitional styles combine traditional and contemporary aesthetics to create something sophisticated yet elegant. These works are usually presented in neutral colors, and the lack of color creates a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Traditional TV stand

Traditional models are usually solid wood or MDF and veneer construction with crowns and twisted or carved legs for a decorative touch. This style of timeless quality complements a variety of home furnishings, so when you update the rest of the decoration over the years, a traditional TV stand connects the entire room.

Contemporary & Modern TV stand

Modern TV stands are usually made of metal or glass and offer a sophisticated look with clean lines and small decorations. The more up-to-date the electronics, the better they look in a contemporary-themed entertainment center. Floating TV stands are another modern option to explore.

Rustic TV stand

Rustic and recycled styles are often portrayed as country-inspired designs or farmhouses built of lighter wood, often characterized by disastrous details due to their outdated look. .. It’s traditional, but it has additional features that only weathering can provide.

Industrial TV Stand

Industrial TV stands are designed to make a statement. The industrial style hides nothing and emphasizes all the prominent parts of its structure in order to attract attention and start a conversation. Think of sharp lines and sudden mechanical collections. It’s a TV stand that tries to be as visually interesting as the TV itself.

Craftsman & Mission TV Stand

For those who are fascinated by exposed woodwork, sturdy oak, and richly colored finishes, mission-inspired pieces are for you. Featuring a simple design and materials, the wonderful mission piece exudes skillful craftsmanship.

Medieval modern TV stand

Bright wood, clean lines and open legs give these medieval designs a unique look. Store multimedia components behind sliding doors or adjustable open shelves to suit your storage needs.

Of course, if you’re more interested in features than shapes, why not go for a hidden TV wall hanging? These ingenious brackets are easy to install and can be placed anywhere from walls to fireplaces to ceilings. 

Wall mounts are perfect for anyone who wants to save space or create a cinema that focuses on HD images rather than stands. Innovative wall-mounted hardware is available in a wide range of designs to suit your needs, including fixed wall mounting, turntable mounting, and sloping wall mounting styles.

Contemporary TV stand

Features of a convenient modern TV stand

In addition to its incredible brightness, it also has the advantage of being incredibly light on modern television. Now you can get a very beautiful TV stand to support your big screen without the cost of solid oak or steel weight. However, you should always check the weight capacity of the entertainment center you purchase, as speakers, media, etc. may be added to your setup.

Before you buy, decide how to use your entertainment center. A versatile TV console allows you to organize your media, manage your cables, and keep you set up as the centerpiece of the beautiful and neat living room you’ve always wanted. If you’re looking for more than just a booth, keep an eye out for the following features:

Cabinet-If you need discrete storage for game controllers, loaders, and mixed media, more cabinet space is better. Some doors that hide extra cables and drivers can also help clean the electronic center.

Shelves-For those who like to decorate around TVs and showcase movie collections, shelves sets always work. It’s a good idea to find a unit with adjustable shelves so that you can customize your entertainment center to your needs. Check the inventory of all your favorite electronics and media and estimate how big your collection will grow in the next few years before you buy.

Wire Management-The most important cable management system ever is often overlooked. Drilling your own holes in that beautiful new entertainment center is not a hassle, so look for one with channels built into the back panel or the frame itself. That way, you can easily carry the enthusiastic cable and avoid getting tangled in a neat row. Out of sight and mind.

Lighting-Some built-in lights are great for seeing exactly what you’re looking for on a movie night. It’s also great for adding a decorative touch to your modern TV stand, highlighting artwork and collections, and creating dramatic effects around your new flat screen.

Fireplace: Warm the room with a TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace. On-demand fire is the ultimate cozy comfort in the living room. Choose from a variety of fireplace TV stand styles to complement your home decor, including many remote control models.

Ready to renovate your living room? We have a wide range of the best TV stands, from cozy cabins to mirror gloss. With simple measurements and a little planning, buying a TV stand can be a fun experience to bring your rooms together and create your favorite media center, from Saturday morning cartoons to the latest shows.