How to Pick the Perfect End Tables for Your Space?

Use an end table as a side table

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We all know that end tables are those small tables that we put at the end of the couch or the corner of the room. They are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture. If you are looking for a practical small end table, this blog is for you.

What is an end table?

End tables are often called side tables and accent tables. They are usually small and serve as lovely tables to create a welcoming sense of home, provide extra storage spaces, or use a sideboard to hold dishes, plants, and other things.

5 points to consider when choosing an end table

So many end table styles, shapes, and materials are available, so it can be hard to decide which one to pick. Here we will list some guides for you.


First, identify your needs. Just ask yourself what you want it for. As above, we can learn that end tables can be placed indoors and outdoors in almost every corner of your house and office. So firstly, make clear your needs, then go to the next step.


Once you decide on the function of your end table, you will think of its size. They are more petite than console and coffee tables, mainly used to hold small items.

When picking an end table, height is a more important consideration. It should be at a height that is comfortable enough for you to reach the things from where you’re sitting.


The shapes of the end table are constantly innovating, from the traditional rectangle or square-shaped ones to the modern irregular-shaped ones, which offers us a variety of choices.

And when choosing an end table, you should consider the function, hobby, and home decor together.


End tables are made with many materials, like wood, glass, metal, etc. And different materials will provide different visual experiences.

The furniture manufacturers are combining the materials to make furniture with different feels. Sometimes trying a mix-and-match style with the surroundings may not be wrong. For example, consider bringing a metal end table if you have a wooden coffee table. Consider getting an antique brass metal end table if you have a dark-color sofa.


This item refers to the “actual weight” and “visual weight”. The actual weight is easy to know. And here, we talk about “visual weight”. Sometimes the shape and the color of one thing may “lie”. And if we can use it well, we will update our home decor level. If you have got a chunky sofa, then consider bringing an end table with slim legs.

How to use an end table?

Truly, end tables are both nice looking and functional, and anywhere someone might be sitting, reading, or relaxing, there could be an end table.

Use as a side table

This may be the most common usage of an end table, a wooden side table placed at the end of the couch, where you can put some books or gadgets.

Use an end table as a side table

Use as a storage table

An IKEA end table like the one below with a metal frame basket as the base of the table,  which can also be used for storage.

Use an end table as a storage table

Use as a nightstand

As shown below, an end table with storage from Castlery is placed next to the bed to hold the lamp.

Use an end table as a nightstand

Use as a plant stan

With an antique brass metal round side table from West Elm like below to sit at the corner of your living room, the plants on it will bring vitality to your indoor space.

Use an end table as a plant stand

Use as a bookcase

Here, your relaxing nook does not need to be large; only an end table to hold your favorite books is enough.

Use an end table as a bookcase

Use as a showpiece

Now the end tables are much more versatile than before, and a wood table from Houzz, like below, is not only an end table but also a showpiece.

Use an end table as a showpiece


We hope you enjoy reading our post about picking an end table. We know that end tables are such a personal purchase, so whichever styles you choose to purchase, make sure it fits your needs and embodies the style of your home. If you are still looking for the perfect end table, just click “CONTACT US” to let us know.