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The Best Furniture Manufacturer in China
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001 save time

Save Time

Sharing our reliable furniture source Help you deal with the time-consuming works End to end solutions for your furniture business

002 profit

Save Cost

Good control of all fees in China Less after-sales at destination Your brand image gets stronger on your market

003 risk

Lower Risk

Our experts advise you at every step Total dedication to the success of your projects World-class processes to avoid high-risk situations

004 opportunity

Wide Range of Choice

Diversity is important for a succesfull furniture business. At simonsense,we are able to provide a wide range of selections for your furniture business.

005 counsel

Expert Advice

We provide expert sourcing advice. Our experts bring decades of industry expertise in driving your business to grow.

006 inspiration

Hassle Free

With our all in one furniture sourcing solution, we offer expert sourcing service to set you hassle free on your supply chain.

What Did Our clients say?

We have over 15 years of experience with top business professionals

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Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

JIAHE Group is a reliable business partner. We will accurately convey this request to the other party and will make an effort to make the transaction smooth.

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Kim Jun Su

DOBL Customer Manager

말레이시아에 살고 있는 친한 친구 중 한명이 이번에 새로운 글로벌 비지니스 파트너 사이트를 개설중입니다 "JiaHe Group Furniture"라는 업체인데요.. 가구류를 비롯해 전문 디자인, 고품격아웃소싱 서비스를 원하시거나 전문적인 동남아 사업파트너가 필요하신 분들에게는 좋은 기회가 될거 같네요^^ 정말 열정적인 친구입니다. 화이팅!!