• Twin beds, also called twin-size beds or single bed, are typically the smallest adult-size; you can also order custom twin beds with storage for small apartment furniture.
  • Full beds, also called full-size beds or double bed, are another small bedroom furniture option. Full-size beds are suitable for young couples with small bedroom spaces or single active sleepers who like to sprawl out. Besides, a full bed with storage might be even better.
  • Queen beds, also called queen-size beds, are the most popular in America, and they will be super comfortable for single sleepers if they have a big bedroom and be suitable for couples or those who sleep with children or pets. Indeed, they could also pick a queen bed with storage for their children’s clothes or others, which is a labor-saving decision.

King beds, also called king-size beds, are great for taller or bigger-built people, thinking of people like the actor in the “Blind Spot” or maybe need a custom bed.

  • Wall beds, a space-saving bed, could be used when pulling down and as a board when pushing up.
  • Beds with storage, a type of bed with drawers at the bottom to provide extra storage areas or a kind of bed that provide storage underneath the mattress while lifting the board up.