• Using a lift top coffee table to build a home office.
  • Using a nesting table separately as an end table or plant stand.
  • Using a puzzle coffee table to create a play nook for a customer with kids.
  • Using a coffee table with storage to show its storage function for homemakers.

Using a coffee table with a lift top and storage as a gaming coffee table for singles.

  • Round coffee table + L-shaped sectional / sofa with chaise
  • Oval coffee table + sofa with chaise / standard sofa
  • Rectangle coffee table + standard sofa / sofa with chaise
  • Square coffee table + L-shaped sectional 

Nesting coffee table + standard sofa

Generally, we use wood, marble, and glass as the top of the coffee table and metal (e.g., Aluminum, iron steel, stainless steel) as the leg of the coffee table.

  • Wood coffee tables are the most popular items for traditional coffee tables types, especially the long-lasting teak coffee table.
  • Metal coffee tables, glass coffee tables, and marble coffee tables are some modern and contemporary coffee table styles.

Antique coffee tables and rustic coffee tables are kinds of industrial or farmhouse style coffee tables.