“ Nothing is a meal could not solve, if there is, then two.”

Dining tables are where most of our family memories are made, to have meals or dining table discussions. So picking a fabulous dining table for you and your client will be accomplished.

  • Rectangular dining tables: a never go wrong dining table shape, while a small rectangular dining table allows you to enjoy a small apartment dinner, a rectangular dining table for 6 or a rectangular dining table for 8 also allows you to crowd lots of people around it.
  • Round dining tables: excellent dining table shape to limited space without trouble defining where people should sit; small round bistro tables are also excellent for small apartment breakfast nooks.
  • Square dining tables: square tables are another excellent option for small apartments and families, and the smaller the square is, the more intimate it will be.
  • Oval dining tables: a combination of a round dining table and a rectangular dining table, an oval-shaped table can be a stylish dining room decor item, which offers generous sitting space and also provide intimacy.
  • Extendable dining tables: a new kind of dining table, like folding oval dining tables, extendable round tables, and foldable rectangular dining tables, which could optimize the living room space utilization.
  • Wood dining room tables: with beautiful natural lines and woodgrain curves, wooden dining tables are widely used to make farmhouse dining tables, rustic dining tables, and industrial dining tables.
  • Glass dining tables: a glass-top dining table will be an excellent modern and contemporary dining table option.
  • Marble dining tables: a marble-top dining table is another good choice for modern dining table lovers. (you can click to read more about picking a marble-top dining table)

 Metal dining tables: metal dining tables appeal to an industrial sensibility, but their style could be changed by finishing and the table top changes.