JIAHE provides various home office desks: standard office desks like computer desks, writing desks, etc; functional office desks like office desks with drawers, adjustable standing desks, etc; and more styles are still developing.


  • Adjustable standing desk. The trend of standing office desks.
  • Corner office computer desk. Space-saving design for home office.
  • Office desks with drawers. An excellent choice for freelancers, with extra storage for files.
  • Office desks with side cabinets. Suitable for offices and home offices, offering more storage spaces than office desks with drawers.
  • Lift top computer desks, office desk that which a part or whole of it top to be lift up, which is convenient for computer operation.
  • I-shaped office desk. Standard office desk shape.

L-shaped office desk. Office desks with more tabletop spaces

  • Wood: pure wood office desks and wood office desks with wood-top and metal legs, the most widely used types.
  • Glass office table: a modern style of glass-topped desk with metal legs.
  • Metal: frequently used as table legs, you can choose to make it with Aluminum, iron steel, or stainless steel.