• Standard TV stands: TV stands are designed with a frame to stand on the floor and a wood top to place the TV, some with open areas for storage. 
  • Functional TV stands: styles like TV stands with drawers or TV stands with a cabinet that provides extra storage; fireplace TV stands that have an electric fireplace inserted; LED TV stands that with a LED light fixed inside.
  • Space-saving TV stands: floating TV stands and wall-mounted TV stands are much more space-saving, which are mounted on the wall.
  • Corner TV stands are small-sized TV stands placed in the corner of the living room or bedroom as a bedroom TV stand.

You can order custom TV stand at all heights, no matter tall TV stand or low TV stand; click below to read more about our post about the guide to TV stand heights.

We use wood, metal, glass, and marble to produce TV stands, and below are some things we consider when choosing materials:

  1. Weight. Find some lightweight but sturdy materials for a wood TV stand, like floating TV stands and wall-mounted TV stands.
  2. Sturdy. Double-check the thickness of the tube or board when used as the frame of the TV stand.
  3. Styles. Pick wood textures to match the styles, like rustic TV stands, farmhouse TV stands, industrial TV stands, etc.
  4. Colors. Paint different colors to express different feels, like white TV stands in minimalist and modern styles, dark/black TV stands in traditional and mid-century styles, etc.