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What you will get beside high quality furniture products?

What's the difference between JIAHE and other furniture suppliers?

What issues you may have when you choose the right furniture factory?

We'll explain everything here below.

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Do You Have Any Concerns Working with A Furniture Supplier?

We understand your concerns and we are experienced in dealing with them, please check if there's one of your concerns as well as our solutions for reference.

"How can I be sure that you are a furniture manufacturer instead of a dealer?"

Frankly speaking, you can't. The best way is to come to visit us, but this is not available due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Yet, you still can do the judgement based on the information on this website. Besides, we are pleased to make a video meeting with you if you prefer.

"How do I know that if I'm talking to a dedicated expert?"

You don't until you try. But you will know if it's an amateur immediately, because amateurs focus on the deal, experts focus on the demand.

"Can I start with a low MOQ?"

Absolutely, as long as you are a real buyer, we are more than happy to offer all the necessary support, how about you decide the MOQ?

"How do I know the products I'll get are qualified?"

There're three ways for reference. First, we will send you sample of mass production to confirm. Second, we will do the inspection and send you a report. Third, you can appoint a third party to do the inspection. We believe that'll be enough to guarantee the quality.

"How long it will take me to get a sample?"

It really depends on what sample it is. Generally, it will take about one week to build a sample for any existed specs, then it will take 3 to 5 days to send by courier. So it's about 2 weeks in total. However, if you need a customized item, we shall discuss it on its own merits.

"How can I know that the production will be finished in time?"

Your exclusive Account Manager will update the production progress every week to keep you posted. Thus we could also control the risk and loss to the maximum extent if any accident happens.

"What should I do if there's any complaint?"

We're sorry to hear that. Please keep calm and follow our instructions. First, please collect all the information at your end and send us, including emails, images, videos etc. Second, we will evaluate the case and bring out the solutions. Third, we will take the full responsibility if it is on us indeed.

The Procedure of Bulk Furniture Purchase

This is a brief process for furniture bulk purchase, we are trying the best to simplify the process to save your time and cost.
Step #1
You Only Need to... Contact us by sending an inquiry

We will reply you within 24 hours. And you will get your exclusive Account Manager to serve.

Step #2
You Only Need to... Tell us your concerns and requirements

We will answer all your questions and inquiries including product, price, lead time, packing, payment terms, factory, catalog, sampling, shipment...whatever you need, we are ready.

Step #3
You Only Need to... Let us know the details you request about the samples

We will build the sample according to your exact requests, if you need to send us a sample for reference, that'll be great. We would try to finish the sample within one week.

Step #4
You Only Need to... Arrange for the deposit

Generally we need 30% deposit before production.

Step #5
You Only Need to... Confirm and send us the Purchase Order
Mass Production

We will sign PO or PI with you. Your exclusive AM will update you the whole production progress once a week, and will inform you to arrange for inspection(if any) one week in advance.

Step #6
You Only Need to... Send us the contact information for inspection

We will reach your contact and arrange for the inspection. Our QC will follow the whole inspection process and make records as well. The inspection report will be sent to you right after the inspection. If there's anything wrong, we will bring out the solution and apply for your confirmation asap.

Step #7
You Only Need to... Tell us your forwarder contact if any

We will take care of everything for shipment if we are dealing with FOB or CIF term.

Step #8
You Only Need to... Do the balance payment
Balance Payment
balance payment

It was such a wonderful deal, thanks for your trust and support

We Know Every Details of Your Needs

Whether you are a brand owner, distributor, retailer or contractor, we understand what you care about and what you need. Our goal is to provide solutions for customers of different business types.


Focus more on quality

All of our products are manufactured in our factory according to strict ISO quality guidelines. Conventional certifications include BSCI, CSA, CE, REACH, etc. Please feel free to visit us in person or appoint a third party to inspect our factory. Our goal is to provide you with a complete and thoughtful service through the whole progress.


Focus more on diversity

The diverse furniture product is constantly evolving to meet the changing market trends. Our product database covers models in a variety of styles to meet any of your preferred needs. We currently provide our products and services to clients with different faiths and cultures in different countries and regions and meet no adverse feedback.


Focus more on lead time

With our strong production capacity and solid supply chain, we are fully capable of guaranteeing sufficient capacity for quick delivery every month and throughout the year. Our sales team will follow your account from order placement, production to delivery and keep high frequency feedback all along.


Focus more on the price

Our 12 years of experience in the furniture industry has given us full knowledge of the price range of products in the market. We have set up several factories in different regions of the country, therefore, we have a significant advantage in raw material costs. We have hardly ever lost business due to price factor.

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