Should I Choose Bar Stools with Backs? The Bar Stools Buying Guide(2022)

bar stools with backs

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Should I choose bar stools with backs or just a armless one? That’s a question.

Bar stools can be a great complement to any kitchen or dining room. They are ideal for a casual dinner on the kitchen island or formal bar meetings. The difficult thing is to understand the logistics.

Which style should you buy? What size bar stool should you buy? From height to quantity to style, there are several factors to consider before making a decision. So we are here to help. Below we will introduce you to the basics of bar stool to help you find the best ones for your home. Ready to dive?

What height should bar stools be?

There are simple calculations to help you decide how high your bar stools should be. Start by measuring the distance between the floor and the top of the table. Then subtract 9-11 inches from this number. This gives you the height of your bar stools (from the floor to the top of your bar stools seat).

You can also check if your counter height corresponds to one of the three normal heights. In that case, you can easily choose the right height for the bar stool (listed below for you).

Note: There is also an adjustable bar stool that can be raised or lowered to suit certain height requirements.

You will find that you should see a bar stool from 29 to 32 inches because it is of average height. Because of this, most will be sold at this height, but in other cases, other heights will be available as needed.

In fact, no matter what the bar stool is, the size you want to buy for your home depends entirely on your personal preferences as well as the size of the table or counter you have. You may find that the average size of a bar stool is too high for you, or too low instead, which means you need to find an alternative size.

We recommend that you try different sizes and draw conclusions this way – remember that everyone has an opinion, so everyone has their own ideas to decide and choose the one that works best for you and your home.

Short height bar stools

16”-23” from floor to top of stool’s seat

28”-33” from floor to top of counter

Counter height bar stools

24”-27” from floor to top of stool’s seat

35”-39” from floor to top of counter

Bar height bar stools

28”-33” from floor to top of stool’s seat

41”-43” from floor to top of counter

Extra height bar stools

34”-40” from floor to top of stool’s seat

44”-47” from floor to top of counter

Or, instead, you could refer to below image.


bar stools with backs-bar stool height measurement

How many types of barstools in the market?

Full-back bar stools (Bar stools with backs)

Full-back bar stools are perfect for a family or guest stay and a short stay. Their support offers excellent comfort for a long time. But these classic stools also use more visual space than their modern counterparts, so they may not be the right choice for every small kitchen.

Low-back bar stools (Bar stools with backs)

Low-back bar stools are a good compromise between traditional high-back and backless ones. They provide minimal support without taking up too much visual space or body in the room. They also feel a little more modern than the usual full-back bar stools.

Bar stools without backs (Bar stools with no backs)

Bar stools without backs is ideal for a modern kitchen or a small breakfast area. They are placed under a table to free up extra space in a small space and are perfect for a quick meal or breakfast.

Bar stools with armrests

Bar stools with armrests are an easy choice for bars of all sizes. They offer extra support and are ideal for sitting while watching games or spending time at the bar. The only catch is that an extra handle will need extra width above the stools, so make sure your counter is long enough for this type of stool.

Armless bar stools

On the other hand, armless bar stools do not take up much space, so you can have more of them beside your table. They are also ideal for short meals or meetings.

Swivel bar stools

Swivel bar stools are another great option for your bar, counter or table. What’s great about this type of stool is the fact that you don’t have to scoot out from the counter. You can simply swivel to get out from the space. This is especially great for small spaces that don’t allow for the full six inches between each bar stool.

Swivel bar stools are another good option for your counter or table. The advantage of this type of stool is that you do not have to remove it from the table. You can only rotate to get out of space. This is especially good for small spaces that do not allow a full six inches between each stool.

How to space your bar stools?

Bar stools are usually 16-18 inches wide. For your convenience as well as the comfort of your guests, be sure to place 6 inches between the stools and the two sides of each stool.

There is a bar stool that is larger than 18 inches. If so, be sure to place eight inches (and both sides) between the stools on each side.

Note: Bar stools with armrests also need eight inches of space.

Here is the steps to measure the stool spacing.

First, the bar stools should be with a width of 16”-18”.

Second, provide a space of 6”-8” between each bar stools of this size.

Third, Keep 6” from the edge of the counter to the edge of your bar stools.

How many barstools should you buy?

There is a quite easy way to find out how many bar stools you need is to measure the length of the counter and divide the number by thirty. This not only takes into account the width of your bar stool, but also the space required between them to ensure the maximum number of bar stools to be used in your space.

Note: The most common package you can find is usually bar stools set of 2 or bar stools set of 4.

Where Can You Purchase a Bar Stool?

If you are looking at purchasing a bar stool for your own use, then we would recommend checking out AmazonWayfairKatdans etc. They have a wide variety of bar stools with different heights, different styles, colors, etc.

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These can all be bought in either a 24 or 30-inch seat height and all of them would look perfect in your home. Contact us right away to get a discount quote for the coming season in 2022.