The Best Qualities of a Reputable Furniture Wholesaler

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Finding reputable furniture wholesalers can be time consuming. Lasting business relationships are valuable. Here are the best qualities in a furniture wholesaler.

This forebodes well for the industry. But if you’re looking for a furniture wholesaler, the task can seem daunting.

Don’t despair. Remember, it’s always great to have options.

Read on to learn how to find a reputable furniture supplier. One that you can rely on to provide you with high-quality furniture.

Your company needs to have a good reputation from its inception. Your ability to achieve this is dependent on the quality of your goods and services.

Buying your goods from a wholesale furniture supplier can give you access to local as well as foreign inventory. All at a much lower cost. Some additional benefits include:

Great Deals

Many foreign furniture distribution companies are eager to build relationships with local companies. This puts you at a unique advantage. These companies will be more likely to give you great deals on the wholesale items you purchase.

Your aim should be to build a relationship with the furniture factories you choose. Over time, they may be willing to offer you more favorable credit terms.

This can help you manage your cash flow. It will also ensure your showroom is well stocked with the latest designs.

You can even go a step further by negotiating exclusivity terms. This can put you in a position of being first-to-market with a new item. It can also ensure you’re the only furniture distributor that has the item or access to it.

Cover Yourself and Your Customers

Many furniture manufacturers offer warranties on their products. This not only covers you but allows you to extend the offer to your customers as well. You can also negotiate the terms of your warranty to ensure it is comprehensive.

Your direct access to the manufacturer is important if you discover other issues not covered under the warranty. They will be more likely to adjust the warranty to include any unforeseen issues.

Get Exactly What You Want

Wholesale furniture doesn’t have to mean a ‘one size fits all’ product. You can still have unique items even when purchasing in bulk. This is a key factor that will make your products stand out.

A good relationship with your furniture supplier can facilitate customization. They can build products to suit the needs of your customers. You can relay this information based on your customers’ feedback.

You can work with your furniture wholesaler to build design concepts that suit the tastes of your customers.

Cost Savings

Of course, all of this also comes with substantial cost savings. Purchasing from a furniture wholesaler will allow you to save money. The cost of each item is a lot cheaper due to the discounts you receive based on the quantity you order.

Added to this, the large quantity also cuts the cost of your shipping and handling, as well as other expenses. 

Qualities to Look For in a Reputable Furniture Wholesaler

The benefits of wholesale purchasing can be great. However, they’re contingent upon you finding a reputable furniture wholesaler. One you can build a solid relationship with.

Don’t let the process of finding one overwhelm you. Here are some qualities your furniture supplier should have. Ensure they do before doing business with them:

Great Reputation and Good Product Reviews

One way to verify the quality of wholesale furniture is by looking at product reviews. Any established company will have a history with other clients.

This is especially true if they’ve been in business for several years. You can start by looking at product reviews on their website.

However, don’t only rely on these as a company can easily ensure you only see great reviews on their site. Depending on the country of origin, contact the agency responsible for reviewing the quality of exported items in that region.

For local furniture distribution companies, engage the chamber at the company’s location. You can also check to see if they have reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

A Value Proposition Worth Exploring

Find a furniture distribution company that can provide added value to your business. Ensure the company is offering competitive pricing. This allows you to get products at a reasonable cost and then price it to cover your expenses and make a profit.

Always check their terms and policies. If they stipulate a Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) this will affect the price you can charge for the item. This, of course, can ultimately affect the profit you make and any promotions or sales you want to offer.

Also, ensure you know all the costs involved in every transaction. These can include regional taxes, freight, and service fees. All of these can affect the final price you pay for your goods.

Promotions That Help You Save

The fine print that includes extra costs can extend to promotions as well. Besides MAP, a furniture wholesaler may have stipulations on what promotions you can offer on their items. This can include using specific promotions they offer.

You should also find out if they’ll be offering you promotions on their items, and if so, how often. This can help you plan the best times to place your orders. You can benefit from lower costs if the supplier offers seasonal promotions.

You can then extend these to your customers. 

Well-Stocked Inventory

Part of providing good service to your customers is having the products they want. You don’t want to have to tell a customer that an advertised product isn’t available. You should ensure the furniture supplier you choose can guarantee a well-stocked inventory.

Inevitably, they may have difficulties fulfilling orders on demand. But, they should have short lead times on back-ordered goods.

This will allow you to give your customers a realistic delivery date. It can cushion the disappointment of not having the item available.

Variety in their inventory is also key. Their stocks should be continually updated. They should also let you know in advance about discontinued items.

This will allow you to satisfy the varied tastes of your clientele. Finding a company willing to work with you to provide customized items would be a bonus.

Great Service That Continues Beyond Delivery

Great service should never end at delivery. A reputable furniture supplier will provide you with customer service that exceeds expectations. This includes support even after you receive your product.

You should have a dedicated representative at the furniture distribution company you choose. This person should be able to cater to your needs.

This will allow you to provide them with feedback on products. They can then provide timely responses that you can relay to your customers.

This is important especially when there are warranties involved. It also helps if other product issues arise.

Ensure you know if they will handle these issues directly with your customers. They may prefer you handle them on their behalf.

Easy Administrative Processes

It’s easy to focus on quality. After all, you want to provide the best products for your clients. However, you should also consider the process involved in purchasing your items.

Your furniture supplier should have uncomplicated administrative processes in place. This would include ordering, shipping and delivery, and after-sales. It’s even better if their technology makes each step of the purchasing process easier.

The last thing you need is to have to deal with bureaucracy to simply order items or to have a warranty honored.

There’s an underlying factor present in the qualities of a furniture wholesaler. It’s one that will ensure a great relationship. That factor is open communication.

Ensure you have a good rapport with the company you choose. They should know your needs and be willing to facilitate them. They should also be easily accessible.

A Quality Wholesaler Providing High-Quality Furniture Items

It’s great to have a furniture wholesaler you can rely on. This will guarantee a well-stocked showroom. It can also eliminate a major source of stress.

Couple reliability with high-quality items with a short lead time. This will set you up for success.

Compromising on any of these can ruin your reputation. It can turn off customers as well as potential clients.

Worried about finding a furniture distribution company that can meet these criteria? It’s easier than ever. There are many furniture manufacturers globally you can choose from.

However, ensure you choose the best. Select a company you can build a long-lasting relationship with like the Jiahe Group. We can provide you with a variety of products at affordable prices. 

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