Why Do You Need a Console Table? Things You Need to Know.

Rustic Console table from Katdans as a TV stand

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Nowadays, coffee tables, end tables, console tables, dining tables, and all these table furniture play essential roles in our homes. They not only provide practical functions but also help to light up our homes. And the console table, an unsung design hero among table furniture, is becoming much more popular, as people found that it can play a finishing touch in many locations in the home.

Now, let’s take a close look at it.

Why is it called a console table?

It’s widely believed that the term “console table” comes from an abbreviation of the French word “consolide”, which in turn comes from the Latin word “consolidate”, meaning “to strengthen”.

And tracing back to the 17th century,  located in French and Italy, the original console tables were usually with a marble tabletop and affixed to the wall with scroll-shaped brackets. They originally had only one or two legs and were meant to lean against the wall.

Nowadays, console tables come in various designs, shapes, sizes, and materials; though still long and narrow, but usually with 4 legs to sit against the wall.

french console table

French Console Table

The difference between a console table and a coffee table

Before we discuss console tables, let’s look at console tables and coffee tables because many people get confused and hesitate to choose between a coffee table and a console table. 

Though both are in a variety of sizes and styles, we can still tell the differences between them.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often placed in the living room, next to the couch, and are primarily used to support and catch all the items used or brought into the room, like remotes, phones, laptops, drinks, and others. Coffee tables are used more in practical ways.

Console Table

Compared with coffee tables, console tables are more for decorative usage, providing a decorative display area for photos, candles, books, flowers, lamps, etc. Because of this, they can be placed not only in the living room but also in some other places; that’s why they are also called sofa tables, buffet tables, entryway tables, etc.

Why do you need a console table?

Console tables can be used in many places. The narrow body, raised surface, and polychrome appearance make them a focal point even standing alone in a corner, which also makes that nook more attractive. 

Besides, the feature of a narrow body makes them even fit in narrow spaces, in the home and office. In fact, they are often still as functional as they are decorative; they are the best choice for home and office decor.

They are the specific items that lie in the corner, quiet and dazzling.

Where could you place your console table?

Now, let’s go closer to this unsung hero, seeing their posture and the places they are shining.

Sofa Table

A console table is also called a sofa table because it is generally placed behind the couch as a showcase or storage.

As below sofa tables, their open design is perfect for storage baskets or stools, making unused space extra functional.

Just keep in mind that, generally speaking, a sofa table should not be longer than the couch and is usually rectangular.

Sofa Table from Pottery Barn

Sofa Table from Pottery Barn

West Elm Console Table

West Elm Console Table

Entryway table

How to decorate the entryway and give visitors an impressive first impression when entering your house might be one of the most concerning things in the new house decoration procedure.

And an entryway table like below, with beautiful accessories, like mirrors, plants, vases, or some other artistic items, will help a lot. Of course, a console table with drawers will be much better for you to put some keys or other small items.

Console table with drawers from WayFair

Console table with drawers from WayFair

Wood console table with shelf from Target

West Elm Console Table

Buffet Table

Buffet tables might be a great addition to your dining room or kitchen. They can serve as a buffet line when you have dinner guests, and a kind like the one below will offer you great space to store your silver, China, or glassware.

Buffet Table from City Furniture

Buffet Table from City Furniture

In addition to the above, console tables can also be placed in your living room or bedroom. 

In fact, they could be everywhere to light up your house.

Rustic console table from Ashley

Rustic console table from Ashley in the living room as a showcase

Rustic Console table from Katdans as a TV stand

Rustic Console table from Katdans as a TV stand

A hallway table from Ashley could be placed at the end of the corridor

A hallway table from Ashley could be placed at the end of the corridor

Guides on choosing a console table

  • Measure the space you want to put the console table
  • List down your need on the console table: purely decoration or also with additional storage 
  • Find a console table that matches your space color scheme
  • Try to find a sturdy and stable console table


Decorating a new house may be painful while enjoying, but it will also bring back great joy to you when you find a satisfactory piece.

And speaking of “finding a sturdy and stable console table”, the JIAHE group surely can help you with your purchasing, contact us!